You Need To Go Here!

I learned about this resto on a traveling site ahead of my journeys and decided to give it a go. It was somewhat intimidating when we came because we do not actually speak Spanish and didn’t know exactly what to do. We took a complete chicken between 2 people… We had so much that we […]

The best food you’ll ever eat

Absolutely amazing service! And the food is a really close second. The pub manager is very knowledgeable and has been in the service sector for quite a while, and it shows. Miguel is his title, and he indeed takes pride in his work. The cocktails are excellent as well. Just tell Miguel what you’re in […]

Best cocktails in Playa Del Carmen

Located right in the middle of all of the happenings on a 5th route that is more of a pub as opposed to a restaurant. The food was good, though our server was spaced out and brought us the wrong order. We were too tired to deliver it to the waiter’s attention and ate that […]

Great hotel in Playa Del Carmen

Not the fanciest or most contemporary hotel but does the trick. More reasonably priced than many others in the region and service is superb! There were a few loud nights where you can listen to music but what resort nearby 5tha does not have that problem, it didn’t bother me whatsoever. Rooms were clean and […]