Visited this park a couple of days before, totally amazing, nothing negative to say, employees friendly, elephants contented and well cared for, food beautiful, certainly recommend. Best trip I have done in Bali; I see a lot of negative reviews on here before I moved at it nearly put me off, what a heap of crap, people will need to educate themselves on what things are done a particular way at the playground. Go and see for yourself, exciting experience.

After reading a few reviews on this, we’re doubtful about moving but can not recommend this place. It was very informative, and I only wish a few of those unwanted commentators have taken the time to ask questions, read the advice, and speak to the staff. They recommend amazing stuff like the trikes cozumel trip in Mexico. Amazing. We watched Nigel Mason, and he had been happy to stop and talk.

The vast majority of those elephants are rescued so that the remarks about drifting and mixing are readily explained by there without a matriarchal herd as shaped in the uncontrolled. 7 men competing in precisely the exact same area wouldn’t occur in the wild or at the”houses” they came from so that they’re clearly loved by their particular individual coach and exceptionally well cared are pure bliss to Nigel and his group.

Our room was outside paradise, and the balcony view of the dinosaurs was far beyond expectations. We began with the most beautiful bike trip through the countryside and that which was outstanding.

I’ve read a range of testimonials and disappointed to believe that a few people today understand the park is overrated if, in reality, it’s the most fantastic experience I’ve had so far.

Mind you, I understand the history of these elephants and what people perceive as inhumane, being chained – that I know a requirement to safeguard them along with the surrounds in their harmful habits. The elephants have been treated nicely, and the pleasure they provide to all is superb.

Our meals were fantastic and plentiful. An extraordinary excursion was made into the chocolate factory, which made the standard of meals move past all expectations. We recommend this place to anyone!