We discovered Romeo Trattoria winter 2017 during TripAdvisor, sadly it was nearly before the holiday were we managed to consume 2 times within 2-3 days we completely loved the food!

I recall the excellent food and entirely customer-oriented workers, along with the butler (?) – stationary tables times nevertheless if it had been crowded or fully booked. That is why I am sharing so everyone ought to be conscious of this restaurant so that you may have a wonderful dinner in your vacay! 1,5 Decades after and the food was still fantastic, the Identical butler made it fixed tables equally occasions without reservation (yeah we Are Extremely spontaneous so never intended a ticket).

I’ve eaten here 4 times now and will affirm that the employees continue to be entirely customer oriented, the butler – (I believe he is Italian? Is quite helpful through we possibly gave him aggravation coming into the restaurant all four days without booking through we understood how busy it might be (sorry) and also the food, oh my god! We ate distinct dishes, and all of them tasted finished amazing. Adding the visits 2017 was with just one friend and also the last time with a different one, and all of us loved the place and food. And one final thing, we dwelt a few blocks off and closed to a lot of Italian restaurants, but this one has been worth the walking! Highly suggested!

Outstanding support, pleasant, attentive servers and Carlos is this type of patient maitee’d. Reservations recommended then moment. Well worth it! All parts are attentively individually crafted. Therefore it requires a couple of additional minutes, but worth! They also talked to me about theĀ recommended tackle for cozumel flats fishing because we wanted to make our fishing trip there.

I discovered another new favorite… the fish ravioli… outstanding and yummy! Really like this place.

Ate here while at Playa Del Carmen because it had been really near our resort. They were booked for the night, but they were able to place an excess table and two seats on the sidewalk. We’re happy they did. The food was superb. Service was quite excellent also.

This is the first dinner of the trip, and there could have been no more magnificent beginning. Somewhat pricy but ultimately worthwhile. We had pizza and fish pasta and, believe me, even once the check came, it did not hurt anyhow. My spouse and I love to have Italian therefore we understand what we’re speaking about.