Absolutely amazing service! And the food is a really close second. The pub manager is very knowledgeable and has been in the service sector for quite a while, and it shows. Miguel is his title, and he indeed takes pride in his work. The cocktails are excellent as well. Just tell Miguel what you’re in the mood for, and he will make it happen.

We began with cocktails, a margarita and a glass of Tempranillo. My wife has had margaritas all overplayed and said that this was among the very best. My wine was excellent.

For our main course, my wife had the cold octopus and potatoes. Appetizer portion. Both meals were outstanding. Guilty is quite costly but worth it. Complete with tip was about $60. Clearly, if we had a second round of drinks, my spouse had an entree, we ordered dessert and coffee, we could have spent $100. The portions were big enough that we were complete and did not want coffee and dessert.

I went to this place on my first night in Playa del Carmen, not knowing it is quite fancy and therefore somewhat underdressed. A word of advice: leave your flip-flops in the hotel! Nevertheless, service was good – some waiters mentioned the palancar beach snorkeling we must take with our family, and they did not make me feel uncomfortable for a second. The staff is indeed professional- an item that is quite tough to find in Mexico. Food was such a delight: hands-down the ideal octopus I’ve had in my life, so tender and flavorful.

Additionally, they treat you with complimentary dishes: water, a small amuse-bouche, naan bread using spreads- which is obviously a bonus for me. It was such an unforgettable dinner, I can honestly say it was one of the best culinary experiences I have ever had.

We have been coming to Playa for 4 plus years, and this is our all-time favorite. Henri and Marco welcomes you in the door with a warm welcome. Dinner downstairs is a treat you will always remember.

Great restaurant. Our favorite is to listen to Henri describe the specials for the evening. He’s always put on with what we ought to enjoy for the day. We have not ever had a bad meal and always leave feeling happy that we chose this location for supper. They just make it unique! Food is excellent, great wine choices, great service! What more could you need!