We always remain at All-inclusive however we constantly venture out for this particular restaurant, and it consistently provides! We had been parties of 6 the two distinct occasions we moved, and everybody adored their dishes. Too, we receive a pizza(yummy!) Included together with all our appetizers, HA! The menu varies from time to time but not is anything placed on this is not tasty. I highly recommend it. Will need rest during peak times and days.

Andrea and his Italian spouses have re-created a tiny bit of Italy using their hopping resto… We might have been at Florence or Siena any location, and I understand because I am out there. We totally loved the air, each Italian Playa (and there are lots of ) is excellent! We had the grilled octopus starter that was magnificent, tender and yummy, then shared with a timber oven-fired Margherita pizza which was delicious and authentic.

I would have enjoyed trying more things on the menu, but we’re full. Italians do not waste time on fair food, so the fact they are all here’s a nod to this location. Among the best meals in Playa, would return any moment, advocated. I remembered to ask for any recommendation about cozumel beginner scuba diving and the waiter gave me some tips. Thank you!

Welcomed by a few of those owners talking my native language. I advised him we heard amazing things about the place and he asked why people there are, I answered to eat nicely. We ate! Food was beautiful, the surroundings pristine.

A little restaurant on a side road away 5th avenue. If you’re seeking to profile, remain home. Great food really great price. Cash only. Do not miss this adventure of love and fantastic food.

It had been decent foods quality. We didn’t produce a reservation, a server located a table for us. All of the employees are prepared to aid for everything. It was a great chance, we enjoyed dinner. Cash Only.

Had a fun supper in this charming trattoria off the occupied 5th. Fantastic pizzas! The beef and arugula starter (my spouse needed it as a primary ) was fantastic plus a generous plate. The pasta was homemade and cooked to perfection. Can return!