I learned about this resto on a traveling site ahead of my journeys and decided to give it a go. It was somewhat intimidating when we came because we do not actually speak Spanish and didn’t know exactly what to do. We took a complete chicken between 2 people…

We had so much that we introduced the leftovers back into the resort. We’d return for sure. Whenever there are more locals then Gringos it is a great sign.

The chicken is bbq grilled that which makes the flavor great, the cost is reduced. To get 70 MXN you receive half a chicken which comes with the rice, pickled onion, along with the hot salsa. I asked the team for fishing recommendations, and they told me about playa del carmen deep sea fishing that is enjoyable for people who fish a lot.

We’d just gotten from the colectivo out of Puerto Morelos and smelled the poultry and charcoal in the atmosphere. I knew I needed to move there. It is a busy neighborhood restaurant to the Mexicans for sure. No issue. We sat down and shared with a half pollo which was plenty for two. 70 pesos to get a half and 100 to get a whole. You receive tortillas, rice, vinegar onions along with a habanero sauce also.

On the table there’s an excellent Chile sauce should you will need some spice. I’ll be back. There’s a wash station in the back to wash up when you are done. Water and sodas available also. No external drinks! Give it a try you will not be let down. Cash only!

The chicken is moist and totally charred deliciousness! A half chicken will render you totally complete. Lots of tortillas to utilize as forks! Do not forget to put in just a small habanero vinegar to top off it! All for 70 pesos. Concerning the equal to $3.50 USD. Its a must dinner place!

Apparently Mexicans adore pollo. Therefore I decided to attempt it in Asadero el Pollo and don’t repent! The restaurant appears to be somewhat popular, and it is within walking distance of their ADO channel and very near the colectivo channel. Be ready to complete your meal with oily palms haha!